October 18

Lombard RAC Rally Cars at Cotswold Gliding Club


It's not every day that you get a chance to see classic rally cars doing what they do best going flat out on a circuit. CGC had the pleasure to host the Lombard RAC Bath club and it was well worth taking a look at.


 If you missed it then at least these images will give you a taste of what happened as the cars chased around the airfield runway's and perimeter track.

To get a a good vantage point I located myself at the west end of the cross runway which gave a good opportunity to get some good sideways action as the cars blasted off the runway onto the perimeter track. The images are are just a few of the many taken, this is a quick addition until I can process all of them properly then a definitive album will follow. Also managed a bit of video it's below the gallery images click here now.

Just a touch of video, only smart phone copy but gives a flavour of the event!


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