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A place for images old & new to finally see the light of day

Capturing images digitally has never been easier but there is a downside. Personally, I have over 100,000 images on my hard drive, many of which have never seen the light of day. That’s was the driver for this site, a placeholder for images that I like and also, possibly, my friends and family might like also. As I sort through the stack on my PC I will post more, so you never know you might appear somewhere.

Just about me...

Cotswold Gliding Club was my first intro to gliding on a holiday course in May 1995. Joined in 1996 after another holiday course when instructor Mike Pirie sent me solo. Had some long stints away from gliding, also had a couple of years at Bowland Forest ridge flying but CGC was always my gliding 'home'. Photo is my brother-in-law taking an experience flight with me in the club ASK 13, don't know why he is smiling he hadn't seen me fly yet!

Something of a Petrol Head

Back in the day my son and I remodelled Toyota MR2 Mk1's and attended track days. This was one of my cars which eventually had it's 1600cc engine replaced with a  2.0 litre Turbo unit. Image was taken at Anglesey Circuit.

Before the beginning of time...?

Started building control line model aircraft when I was twelve. Went into radio control models when I could afford it right up to beginning gliding in 1995 when I more or less drifted away from the hobby. Always aerobatic both power and gliders. This one was a particularly good aerobatic glider built from scratch. Good racer too.

So that's enough about me.... read on

Archive Video

Two video's from 1996 one year after I began gliding. Taken with a non digital camcorder (obviously) so I have done what I can regards quality. Back then the club used Reverse Auto Tow.

CGC had two automatic Ford 7.0 litre V8 trucks, left-hand drive, steering column shift, bench seat and sun roof (handy for looking backwards at the glider as it passed overhead on tow -trust me!)

The cable was single strand piano wire and needed to be nurtured with care, abuse was not an option - although that happened more frequently than we would have liked!

Take a look at the vids, although nearly thirty years ago both capture a time most people coming to CGC today will not know. It may enable them to appreciate more of what CGC have now. You may even recognise a few faces!!

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